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WPIAL Plays of the Week – Week Eight

Unbelievably, the 2017 football regular season is already nearing a conclusion, as last Friday marked the penultimate week. As the stretch run continued, the playoff picture throughout the WPIAL became much clearer. Several key plays proved instrumental t

Friday Night HighLights – Week Four

Week Three saw a record setting rushing performance and several stunners around the WPIAL Friday night high school football buffet. While there were no major upsets in Week Four, there were plenty of close games expected to be runaways and blowouts that w

Big Game Hunting – Week One

We know how fast this goes from previous experience, so we won’t be surprised when the playoff pairings show jumps on us real fast. How many week one games will be the difference between teams being part of that show and teams being on the outside looki

CTK ’17 – 3-A Interstate Conference Preview

For the majority of last season, all of the talk in the 3A classification revolved around the Beaver Valley Conference. While that conference did produce both finalists in the WPIAL title game at Heinz Field, the Interstate Conference had its fair share o

Big Game Hunting for Week Eight

Week eight brings with it the answer to a question put forth here back in week one. How will I personally feel about the change to six classifications after seeing it for a season? The answer now, is the same as it was for me at first blush. I hate it,

CTK ’16: 3-A Interstate Conference Preview

You could say the road to the top of the Interstate has gone through Washington in recent years. Washington won the Class 2A Interstate Conference three of the past four years.

But a journey through the Interstate this year will not include a s

WPIAL Big Game Hunting – Week Seven

The “Stretch Run” for 2015 is on us, the final third of the regular season will start this weekend with several big games around the WPIAL. Players, whether you are playing for a number one seed, a conference title, a home playoff game, a shot at t

WPIAL Friday Night HighLights – Week Six

While the mercury continues to dip as October and autumn settle in, the lineup of big games was red hot up and down the FOUR classifications around the WPIAL. Battles for first place here, showdowns between unbeaten teams there, big games, big games ev

WPIAL Friday Night HighLights – Week Five

A little precipitation in the area before the real wet stuff driven by Hurricane Joaquin Andujar (look it up kids)...no problem. Temperatures dipping into the low 50's with winds that made it feel more like the 40's...again, no problem. Defenses geared

WPIAL Friday Night HighLights – Week Two

While Mother Nature held off on the fancy sky light shows and the rain that plagued many games on opening night, the second Friday of the season was an historic one in two ways. First, a tip of the cap 700 times to the Jeannette Jayhawks for becoming o