A-K Valley athletes of the week: Deer Lakes’ Reese Hasley, Burrell’s Luke Rose

Saturday, January 29, 2022 | 1:20 PM

Reese Hasley

Class: Senior

School: Deer Lakes

Sport: Basketball

Report card: Hasley eclipsed 1,000 points in style Monday by hitting the winning shot in a 39-37 win over Freeport. Hasley had 15 points in the game. She has been a four-year starter for the Lancers.

How’d it feel to reach 1,000 career points and do so by hitting a game-winning basket?

It was pretty awesome. I couldn’t have even written that in a movie or a story. That’s just crazy. It was super cool, because Freeport is one of our rivals, and not only were we battling for a section win, but it also helped boost our playoff position. It was on our home court, too, and we had a good crowd there, too.

What did you do to celebrate the achievement?

We took a bunch of pictures. I had a lot of family there. The student section had signs and even had a Fathead of me, too, which was pretty funny. I got the game ball afterwards. It was fun celebrating with everyone. It is great to have a community that’s so supportive of our team and my accomplishment.

How has it been working with new coach Sam Salih?

He’s a really good coach for this team. It’s been a process to get everyone to buy into his methods and schematics, but I think it’s been coming along. His first year has been going well. I just want to help him set the tone and the culture, and I’m excited to have him here.

Do you have any college plans?

I’m going to play basketball at Grove City College. I really like the coaches and the team, and I think it’s a really good fit for me.

Who would win a team-wide game of knockout?

Just because I’m competitive, I’m going to say myself, but I’ll also say Anna Bokulish, because she is money from the foul line.

Do you have any pregame routines or superstitions?

Whenever we line up for the national anthem I’m always the furthest from the bench and the last one to line up before our assistant coaches, because they join us in the line for the anthem. When we’re on the road, I’m always the last one off the bus. I don’t know why I do it, but I’ve always been like that.

What is your favorite school subject?

My favorite subject is math. I’ve always been good at it and been a problem solver, so it’s come easy for me in years past. It’s a fun subject for me, and I know not many people can say that.

What are your hobbies outside of basketball?

I play softball and golf (for Deer Lakes). Softball is more of an in-season thing, but I like to play golf whenever I can. If it’s a nice day in the summer, we definitely like to go out and play a round. I always like hanging out with my friends and family. I also like playing the guitar too, which is one hobby I have that not many people know about.

Luke Rose

Class: Senior

School: Burrell

Sport: Hockey

Report card: Rose had four goals and two assists in a 15-1 win over Trinity on Monday. He has nine goals and seven assists in 12 games and ranks third on the team in points.

What was it like to score four goals in one game?

It’s fun, and it’s hard to do, of course, so you feel a little bit of joy when you accomplish it.

What has been the key to having eight wins already this season after winning only three times all last season?

The biggest key has been our coach (Luke Kopchak) and how he pushes us every game and every practice. He really wants the best for all of us, and he’s pushing us to make the playoffs.

Is there any significance to your jersey number (48)?

My dad picked it, and it’s my birthday, April 8 or 4/8.

Who has the best shot on the team?

I’d have to say Caden Canfield has the best shot. He can release it well, and every time he has the puck you never know if he’s going to score or not, but more times than not he finds the back of the net.

Which goalie has been the toughest you’ve faced this season?

I’d say both of Avonworth’s goalies (John Seifarth and Ben Korol). They’re both really good.

Do you have any pregame routines or superstitions?

I get to the rink an hour and 15 minutes before games, drink a (kiwi-strawberry) vitaminwater and tape my stick. Those are really the only superstitions I have.

What is your favorite school subject?

My favorite subject is math, but I’m not taking math class this year. I got my three credits for math done, so it was optional this year, so I decided to take a harder science class.

What are your hobbies outside of hockey?

I’m not going to lie, all I do is play hockey and go to work. I work at Dunkin’ Donuts in Harmarville.

Jerin Steele is a freelance writer

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