Herald Spotlight Athlete of the Week: Fox Chapel’s Claudia Guerrieri

Sunday, February 11, 2018 | 11:00 PM

Claudia Guerrieri, a senior on the Fox Chapel girls basketball team, was instrumental in the first two section wins of the season for the Foxes. She scored 12 points in a win over Penn-Trafford on Feb. 2, and she led the Foxes to an overtime win at Latrobe on Feb. 5 with 19 points. She is unsure of her college plans but hopes to major in accounting or finance.

Here's a closer look at this week's Herald Spotlight Athlete:

What sport would you be playing if not basketball?


What's the strong point or points of your game?

My shooting and dribbling.

What is your favorite vacationdestination?

West Palm Beach, Fla.

Who were you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

The Patriots.

What three items have to be in your refrigerator?

Strawberries, edible cookie dough and orange juice.

If you could go somewhere you've never been before, where would you go?


What is your favorite TV show?

“Grey's Anatomy.”

What would make up your all-time favorite meal?

Pizza and french fries.

What junk food do you have a weakness for?

Cookie cake.

Is there a food you refuse to eat?


What three people would you like to have dinner with?

My aunt, Janie, Lebron James and Michael Jordan.

Who is your dream date?

Tom Brady.

People would be surprised to know that you…

Don't like to shop.

Marty Stewart is a freelance writer.


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