QV hockey’s four all-star honorees hope they also have playoffs in their futures

Friday, January 18, 2019 | 7:42 PM

Quaker Valley’s 3-10 record doesn’t do the team’s talent justice.

The number of players selected for the PIHL Class AA All-Star game hits the mark a bit better.

The Quakers are tied for the second-most all-stars with four. Pine-Richland and Hampton are the only two teams with five players chosen to play in the game.

“I can’t wait to go with my teammates because this is a big deal,” Josh Bemis said. “I’m really happy and grateful for this opportunity.”

Quaker Valley will be represented by Dan Fagan, Cole Musser, Kevin Guerrieri and Bemis.

“Considering the schools we play against and the amount of students at our school and on our team, yes, it’s amazing to have four of us recognized,” Musser said. “I do think part of the reason we have four of our top guys being recognized is that we do play so well as a team. No one focuses just on themselves at Quaker Valley.”

Some players entered the season knowing they wanted to play in the all-star game.

For as much of an honor as they say it is, the Quakers have a winning streak higher on their agenda.

“I’ve seen great players in the past do it for Quaker Valley, so that made me want to make the all-star team like them,” Bemis said. “There has always been a lot of talent here, and this year is no different and I’m glad we have four players being recognized. That said, with the talented players we have, we have to turn that record around.”

All-star players such as Fagan are quick to point out the attributes of other players.

Fagan leads the team with 12 assists but knows he can’t rack up points without the likes of Bemis, Musser and Dylan Roebuck, the team’s leading scorers with 27 combined goals.

Several players said don’t bother looking at Guerrieri’s stats — three goals and three assists this season — because what the defenseman brings to the team never will appear on a box score.

“I could think of a list of guys who deserve to go to the all-star game and didn’t make it,” Guerrieri said. “Regardless of our record, we have a lot of talent and guys who bring it every week. I think things are just starting to come together for us. Playoffs aren’t out of the picture yet.”

Shawn Annarelli is a freelance writer.


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