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WPIAL Plays of the Week – Week Eight

Unbelievably, the 2017 football regular season is already nearing a conclusion, as last Friday marked the penultimate week. As the stretch run continued, the playoff picture throughout the WPIAL became much clearer. Several key plays proved instrumental t

Big Game Hunting – Week Four

The celebration continues with the announcement this week that the MSA Sports Network will soon become the Trib Live High School Sports Network. A lot of very happy people in southwestern Pennsylvania when that news broke Monday, none more happy than I, b

Chicks Picks – Week Two

Welcome to Week 2 of the high school football season. Chick’s Picks is the proud owner of two beautiful boxer dogs, Ursa and Stella.  Like any good dogs, Ursa and Stella really enjoy long walks with their humans.  Earlier this week, Chick’s Picks pa

CTK ’17 – 3-A Interstate Conference Preview

For the majority of last season, all of the talk in the 3A classification revolved around the Beaver Valley Conference. While that conference did produce both finalists in the WPIAL title game at Heinz Field, the Interstate Conference had its fair share o

Big Game Hunting for Week Eight

Week eight brings with it the answer to a question put forth here back in week one. How will I personally feel about the change to six classifications after seeing it for a season? The answer now, is the same as it was for me at first blush. I hate it,

Chicks Picks for Week Two

Welcome to Week 2 of the high school football season. Chick’s Picks has been fortunate enough to make a lot of friends throughout her prognosticating career – some that are unforgettable, and others that she cares to forget.  One of Chick’s

Big Game Hunting for Week Two

Friday and Saturday the MSA Sports Network has you covered with wall to wall games from week two of the WPIAL season, and hey, even if your game turns out to be not that good, at least you won’t have to watch the Pirates!

Some eyebrows were r

CTK ’16: 3-A Interstate Conference Preview

You could say the road to the top of the Interstate has gone through Washington in recent years. Washington won the Class 2A Interstate Conference three of the past four years.

But a journey through the Interstate this year will not include a s