7 Penn Hills players earn first-team all-conference in Class 5A Northern

By: HSSN Staff
Monday, November 12, 2018 | 8:03 PM

Northern Conference champion Penn Hills placed seven players on the all-conference first team Monday and the Indians’ Jon LeDonne earned coach of the year.

Penn Hills’ George Freeman III, Hollis Mathis, Terry “Tank” Smith, Dante Cephas, Corey Thomas Jr., Jordy Boswell and Deaquan Hardy all earned first-team honors.

North Hills had six first-team selections. Kiski Area and Mars had four each.


Name, school, position, grade

George Freeman III, Penn Hills, center, senior

Lirion Murtezi, North Hills, guard, senior

Hunter Boyd, Mars, guard, senior

Jeff Bonnette, Shaler, tackle, senior

Michael Carmody, Mars, tackle, junior

Troy Kuhn, Kiski Area, tight end, senior

Dante Cephas, Penn Hills, wide receiver, senior

Jack Colecchi, Kiski Area, wide receiver, senior

Hollis Mathis, Penn Hills, quarterback, senior

Garrett Reinke, Mars, running back, senior

Terry “Tank” Smith, Penn Hills, running back, senior

Tyler Brennan, North Hills, Multi-Purpose Back, senior

Dan Wagner, North Hills, Kicker, senior

Coach of the year

Jon LeDonne, Penn Hills


Name, school, position, grade

Damon Thompson, North Hills, defensive end, junior

Bailey Barton, Armstrong, defensive end, senior

Zachary Aretz, Armstrong, defensive tackle, senior

Chase Lambert, Mars, defensive tackle, senior

Jacob Miller, Armstrong, inside linebacker, senior

Drew Dinunzio-Biss, Kiski Area, inside linebacker, senior

Jordy Boswell, Penn Hills, outside linebacker, senior

Brandon Manning, North Hills, outside linebacker, senior

Daequan Hardy, Penn Hills, defensive back, senior

Brennan “BB” Fugh, Shaler, defensive back, senior

Corey Thomas Jr., Penn Hills, defensive back, senior

Keygen Bryant, North Hills, defensive back, senior

Jared Custer, Kiski Area, punter, senior


Name, school, position, grade

David Lukac, North Hills, center, junior

Michael Cornman, Armstrong, guard, senior

Roland Phillips, Penn Hills, guard, senior

Ronald Novosedliak, North Hills, tackle, junior

Brandon Lawhorn Moore, Kiski Area, tackle, freshman

Mitchell Wright, Mars, tight end, junior

Andrew Recchia, Mars, wide receiver, senior

Anthony Grimes, Penn Hills, wide receiver, junior

Darin Mizgorski, Shaler, quarterback, junior

Joey Kremer, Shaler, running back, senior

Isaac Ridinger, Armstrong, running back, junior

Sam Brown, Fox Chapel, multi-purpose back, junior

Nick Smith, Kiski Area, kicker, senior



Armand Gustave, Penn Hills, defensive end, senior

Jason Biswick, North Hills, defensive end, senior

Jamie Tigner, Penn Hills, defensive tackle, junior

Dawson Dietz, Hampton, defensive tackle, sophomore

Jake Miller, Shaler, inside linebacker, junior

Seamus Connolly, North Hills, inside linebacker, senior

Devyn Best, Penn Hills, outside linebacker, senior

Isaiah Price, Armstrong, outside linebacker, junior

Tracey Morris, Kiski Area, defensive back, senior

Korey Simmons, Fox Chapel, defensive back, senior

Ian Andersson, Hampton, defensive back, junior

Tyler Kowalkowski, Mars, defensive back, junior

Drew Schlegel, Mars, punter, junior


Name, school, position, grade

Jack Dykes, Kiski Area, center, junior

Ryan Billings, Fox Chapel, guard, junior

Harrison Bash, Penn Hills, guard, senior

Austin McKaveny, Shaler, guard, junior

Trevor Hartman, North Hills, tackle, senior

Dalton Becker, Mars, tackle, junior

Jayden Terry, Penn Hills, tackle, senior

Nevin Summerfield, Shaler, tackle, senior

Ric Martin, Penn Hills, tight end, senior

Max Obenrader, Hampton, quarterback, senior

Jalen Price, Armstrong, quarterback, senior

Ryne Wallace, Kiski Area, quarterback, senior

Shane Susnak, Fox Chapel, quarterback, junior

Brandon Stephany, Hampton, wide receiver, senior

Joe Impavido, Shaler, wide receiver, junior

Teddy Ruffner, Mars, running back, sophomore

Tyler Tomasic, North Hills, running back, sophomore

Vince Schmitt, Hampton, running back, senior

Jacob Aretz, Armstrong, multi-purpose back, senior

Peyton McCann, Kiski Area, multi-purpose, junior

Blake Edwards, Mars, kicker, junior


Name, school, position, grade

Luke Lindgren, Hampton, defensive end, junior

Jack Dilts, Kiski Area, defensive end, sophomore

Darin Lyle, Mars, defensive end, senior

Matt Bendel, Shaler, defensive end, senior

Justin Hessman, Kiski Area, defensive tackle, junior

Andy Plowden Jr. , Penn Hills, inside linebacker, senior

Ben Chizmar, Mars, inside linebacker, sophomore

Josh Andersson, Hampton, outside linebacker, junior

Ian Scarberry, Shaler, outside linebacker, senior

Joe Ryan, North Hills, outside linebacker, senior

Alex Wecht, Fox Chapel, defensive back, junior

Thomas Sheehy, Mars, defensive back, senior

Dylan Bennett, Penn Hills, defensive back, junior

Shayne Skelley, Shaler, defensive back, junior

Akeem Snell, Penn Hills, defensive back, junior

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