A-K Valley Senior Spotlight: Burrell’s Kadi Bauer

Monday, September 26, 2022 | 12:01 PM

From a top 12 finish at the state track meet to broken individual and school records to, most recently, a big improvement in times at the annual Red, White & Blue Invitational, senior Kadi Bauer has done a lot in her Burrell athletic career.

“One of my favorite memories is breaking the cross country school records and coming across the finish line to see my teammates, (Grace Nesko and Izzy Leger), and seeing my mom’s reaction,” Bauer said.

Bauer, the daughter of Paul and Sarah Bauer, has been involved with the Burrell cross country and track teams since her freshman year. She also dances outside of school.

“The coach would always try to get me to go to a meet,” Bauer said. “In eighth grade, I decided to go to one and I fell in love with it and couldn’t stop doing it.”

“Kadi is a leader for this team with her dedication to working out both in the gym and outside,” Burrell coach Chris Leger said. “She is always giving her best effort. She has made huge gains the last couple of years and we’re excited to see what she is capable of when she’s injury free.”

Bauer took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for a Senior Spotlight Q-and-A:

Let’s talk about the Red, White and Blue invitational. Last year, you finished with a time of 21:41. This year, you finished with a time of 20:25. What did you do, training-wise, to cut off so much time?

I started lifting with Kathy Ciuffoletti. This helped me gain muscle and let me be able to bump time. I also put a lot more training into my offseason, which really helped me in the long run.

You not only run cross country, but you run track as well. What is the major difference between the two?

The major difference is the difference in shape, meaning long distance and short distance. There are a lot of different training and workouts that I do to ensure that I am mentally and physically prepared for each meet.

Last season, you had some foot injuries. How are your injuries now and what are you doing to make sure that you are healthy for both seasons?

I was in a boot for two years, and I haven’t had a full season until, hopefully, this year. I take calcium supplements to boost up my foot’s healthiness, and I lift to help build muscle to make sure things work well together.

Back to the Red, White & Blue Invitational, what do you think went well for you?

I didn’t really focus on time. I just focused on getting through the run and making sure that I had someone to pace off of. I really gave it everything I had at the end.

What is your pregame routine?

First off, I always make sure I have the same thing on, sort of like a superstition. Even though we do warm-up as a team, I always make sure I leave time for myself afterwards. And during our team run, I take the last 3 minutes to run faster.

A lot of people go on runs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What advice do you have for anyone who would like to get involved with cross country or for those who run for fun?

Don’t give up on yourself. Just take it step by step getting dressed, getting out the door and even on the run. Also, have music. It makes the time go faster and makes the run more fun.

Last year, your relay team placed 12th at the PIAA meet. That is a huge accomplishment. How will that play into this year?

It’ll definitely make finding a fourth leg harder. We not only placed, but the team (consisting of Bauer, Leger, Nesko and Brynn Leiner) broke a school record. Izzy has graduated now and we have to work harder to find someone that’ll fit into the team and be ready to take on the challenge. We also have to make sure we can still work together and support each other.

How long have you been involved with track and cross country?

I’ve been involved since my freshman year. I’ve done this for now four years.

What are your favorite memories from cross country?

I’d say probably the bus rides to and from meets. We bring speakers and listen to music and enjoy each other’s company. Specifically, the rides home are the best and most entertaining.

What are your future plans? Is track or cross country included in them?

I plan to run in college wherever I choose to go. I haven’t decided where yet and I am not done searching for a college yet.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Thank you, Coach Chris, for all that you have done to shape me into the runner I am today.


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