Gateway leads Big East all-conference honors with 8 first-team players

Monday, November 12, 2018 | 8:21 PM

Undefeated conference champion Gateway saw eight players receive first-team all-Big East honors Monday and the Gators’ Don Holl earned coach of the year.

Bryce Washington, Amir Wahid, Tui Faumuina-Brown, Courtney Jackson, Brendan Majocha, Derrick Davis, Kelvon Nelson and Jeremiah Josephs were all named to the first team.

Penn-Trafford had seven first-team picks and McKeesport had five.


Name, school, position, grade

Bryce Washington, Gateway, center, senior

Andy Mellinger, McKeesport, guard, junior

Amir Wahid, Gateway, guard, senior

Dylan Vaniel, McKeesport, tackle, senior

Derek Sutherland, Penn-Trafford, tackle, junior

Tui Faumuina-Brown, Gateway, tight end, junior

Jalen Rogers, Connellsville, wide receiver, senior

Courtney Jackson, Gateway, wide receiver, senior

Brendan Majocha, Gateway, quarterback, senior

Caleb Lisbon, Penn-Trafford, running back, junior

Derrick Davis, Gateway, running back, sophomore

Zakharee Williams, Latrobe, multi-purpose back, senior

Keaton Hier, Penn-Trafford, kicker, senior

Coach of the year

Don Holl, Gateway


Name, school, position, grade

Trent Holler, Latrobe, defensive end, senior

Dylan Schmidt, Penn-Trafford, defensive end, junior

Josh Cheplick, Penn-Trafford, defensive tackle, junior

Kelvon Nelson, Gateway, defensive tackle, sophomore

Niko Rosso, Penn-Trafford, inside linebacker, senior

Thomas Wyatt, McKeesport, inside linebacker, senior

Adam Rudzinski, Franklin Regional, outside linebacker, senior

Devin Sims, McKeesport, outside linebacker, senior

Dimitri George, Penn-Trafford, defensive back, senior

Jeremiah Josephs, Gateway, defensive back, senior

Nick Leopold, Franklin Regional, defensive back, senior

Konota Gaskins, McKeesport, defensive back, senior

Nathan Clair, Latrobe, punter, senior


Name, school, position, grade

Branden Brooks, McKeesport, center, senior

Michael Ritter, Penn-Trafford, guard, junior

Caleb Domenick, Latrobe, guard, senior

Trey Sweeney, Latrobe, tackle, senior

Chris Smiley, Connellsville, tackle, senior

Reese Mueseler, Latrobe, tight end, senior

Deamontae Diggs, McKeesport, wide receiver, junior

Michael Evans, Franklin Regional, wide receiver, senior

Gabe Dunlap, Penn-Trafford, quarterback, junior

Quaran Sayles, McKeesport, running back, senior

Billy Guzzi, Plum, running back, sophomore

Devon Powell, Franklin Regional, multi-purpose back, senior

Anthony DiFalco, Franklin Regional, kicker, freshman


Name, school, position, grade

Zach Crossland, Franklin Regional, defensive end, senior

Marcquis Butler, McKeesport, defensive end, senior

Tyler Metzger, Connellsville, defensive tackle, senior

Paul Simonovitch, Latrobe, defensive tackle, senior

Justin Johns, Franklin Regional, inside linebacker, junior

Jordan Stancovich, Gateway, inside linebacker, junior

Jon Peduzzi, Penn-Trafford, outside linebacker, senior

Maximos Matolcsy, Plum, outside linebacker, sophomore

Blake Lancaster, Connellsville, defensive back, senior

Noah Allen, Penn-Trafford, defensive back, junior

Torry Robinson, Albert Gallatin, defensive back, junior

Reed Martin, Plum, defensive back, sophomore

Gage Gillott, Connellsville, punter, sophomore


Name, school, position, grade

Anthony Bonacci, Franklin Regional, center, junior

Adam Garvin, Plum, guard, senior

Cameron King, Connellsville, guard, sophomore

Anthony Youngo, Penn-Trafford, guard, junior

CJ Ciecierski, Franklin Regional, tackle, junior

KeVonte Simpson, McKeesport, tackle, junior

Cooper Aubele, Plum, tackle, senior

Evan Azzara, Plum, tackle, sophomore

Andrew Snyder, Franklin Regional, tight end, senior

Ethan Frenchik, Gateway, wide receiver, senior

Jared Ozias, Connellsville, wide receiver, senior

Josh Maher, Connellsville, quarterback, senior

Hunter Linhart, Plum, quarterback, senior

Jimmy Schropp, Plum, running back, senior

Zach Gordon, Franklin Regional, running back, junior

Sam Fanelli, Penn-Trafford, running back, junior

Braeden Moody, Albert Gallatin, multi-purpose back, senior

Ethan Carr, Penn-Trafford, multi-purpose back, sophomore

Anthony Beitko, McKeesport, kicker, junior

Jayson Jenkins, Gateway, kicker, sophomore


Name, school, position, grade

Peyton Kelly, Penn-Trafford, defensive end, junior

Jacques Taylor, Gateway, defensive end, sophomore

Jack Pedrosky, Franklin Regional, defensive end, sophomore

Jaden Nichols, Plum, defensive end, sophomore

Cameron Wormack, Connellsville, defensive end, senior

Dylan Shea, Albert Gallatin, defensive end, sophomore

Tomi Woodson, Gateway, defensive end, senior

Josh Pelusi, Franklin Regional, defensive tackle, freshman

Chandler DeWitt, Connellsville, inside linebacker, senior

Cole Dupont, Albert Gallatin, inside linebacker, senior

Jay Johnson, Gateway, inside linebacker, junior

Seth Norcutt, Plum, inside linebacker, senior

Tucker Knupp, Latrobe, inside linebacker, sophomore

Jack Poling, Franklin Regional, inside linebacker, senior

Jake Cardiff, Penn-Trafford, inside linebacker, senior

Chase Burk, Penn-Trafford, outside linebacker, junior

Nicolas Sluka, Plum, defensive back, junior

Trevor Brncic, Franklin Regional, punter, sophomore

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