PIAA Team Wrestling – Quarterfinals, Consolations & Semifinals Recaps

Saturday, February 8, 2014 | 12:31 AM

It was a memorable day for the WPIAL’s Class AAA representatives at the PIAA Wrestling Championships held at the GIANT Center on Friday. It will be an all-WPIAL final on Saturday afternoon in Hershey featuring Franklin Regional against Latrobe. This marks the third time in the past 17 days these two teams will battle with gold medals on the line. Franklin Regional beat Latrobe, 46-28, on January 22nd for the Section 1 title and then backed it up with a 42-19 pounding of the Wildcats last Saturday in the WPIAL championship match.

Franklin Regional (23-1), the WPIAL champion, continued its juggernaut advance toward a first-ever PIAA Class AAA wrestling crown with dominating wins over a pair of district champions. The Panthers first disposed of District 10 champ McDowell, 54-16, in a quarterfinal match.  District 11 champion Nazareth was the next victim, falling 38-22 in the semifinals.  Devin Brown (106 pounds), Spencer Lee (113), Dom Giannangeli (126), Tyler Smith (132), Mike Kemerer (138), Josh Shields (152), and Brandon Yant (160) all checked in with two individual victories for Franklin Regional on Friday.

Franklin Regional 54 McDowell 16
145 Josh Maruca (Franklin Regional) TF Jake Paulson (McDowell) 25-8; 3:59
152 Josh Shields (Franklin Regional) Major Ryan Dailey (McDowell) 9-0
160 Brandon Yant (Franklin Regional) Major Joseph Campanella (McDowell) 14-1
170 Coleman Cousins (McDowell) Fall Nate Painter (Franklin Regional) 5:05
182 Tyree Spearman (McDowell) Major John Wohlin (Franklin Regional) 13-5
195 Jake Pickup (Franklin Regional) Fall Dane Eberle (McDowell) 2:41
220 Brett Zanotto (Franklin Regional) Fall Brandon Bochicchio (McDowell) 0:15
285 Scott Augustine (McDowell) Fall Charlie Mazon (Franklin Regional) 1:14
106 Devin Brown (Franklin Regional) Dec Charlie Lenox (McDowell) 9-3
113 Spencer Lee (Franklin Regional) Fall Tyler Miller (McDowell) 0:18
120 Kyle Berk (Franklin Regional) Dec Keegan Fordyce (McDowell) 9-4
126 Dom Giannangeli (Franklin Regional) TF Samuel Lehman (McDowell) 23-7; 3:56
132 Tyler Smith (Franklin Regional) Fall Noah Burkhart (McDowell) 2:59
138 Mike Kemerer (Franklin Regional) Forfeit (McDowell)

Franklin Regional 38 Nazareth 22
160 Brandon Yant (Franklin Regional) Dec Tyler Tarsi (Nazareth) 3-1
170 Nate Painter (Franklin Regional) Fall Ricky Fornaciari (Nazareth) 3:10
182 John Wohlin (Franklin Regional) Dec Connor Williams (Nazareth) 6-4 OT
195 Nicolino Sevi (Nazareth) Major Jake Pickup (Franklin Regional) 11-1
220 Josh Golden (Nazareth) Dec Brett Zanotto (Franklin Regional) 3-1 OT
285 Brandon Lance (Nazareth) Fall Charlie Mazon (Franklin Regional) 1:57
106 Devin Brown (Franklin Regional) Dec Tyson Klump (Nazareth) 11-4
113 Spencer Lee (Franklin Regional) Fall Travis Smith (Nazareth) 2:57
120 Tyrone Klump (Nazareth) Dec Gus Solomon (Franklin Regional) 4-1
126 Dom Giannangeli (Franklin Regional) Major Travis Stefanik (Nazareth) 10-2
132 Tyler Smith (Franklin Regional) Dec Chase Zemenak (Nazareth) 1-0
138 Mike Kemerer (Franklin Regional) TF Brock Wilson (Nazareth) 20-5; 4:48
145 Sage Karam (Nazareth) Fall Josh Maruca (Franklin Regional) 2:39
152 Josh Shields (Franklin Regional) TF Dane Guggenberger (Nazareth) 16-0; 4:30

Latrobe (15-2) scored an impressive victory in the quarterfinals over previously undefeated District 1 champion Boyertown (24-1), 32-23, and then defeated the WPIAL third place team, North Allegheny, 34-29, in the semifinals to land the Wildcats in the championship final Saturday afternoon.  Luke Pletcher (120), Ethan Smith (145), Jake Shaffer (152), Dom Scalise (160), and Virginia Tech recruit Zack Zavatsky (182) led the way for Latrobe with two wins apiece on Friday.

Latrobe 32 Boyertown 23
145 Ethan Smith (Latrobe) Dec Edward Kriczky (Boyertown) 4-3
152 Jake Shaffer (Latrobe) Fall Dylan Wertz (Boyertown) 4:46
160 Dominic Scalise (Latrobe) Dec Gregg Harvey (Boyertown) 3-1
170 Cody Richmond (Boyertown) Major Justin Short (Latrobe) 9-1
182 Zachary Zavatsky (Latrobe) TF Michael Fretz (Boyertown) 20-5; 4:38
195 Logan Carns (Latrobe) Major William Scholl (Boyertown) 10-0
220 Jordan Wertz (Boyertown) Dec Travis Schmeling (Latrobe) 5-1 OT
285 Jordan Wood (Boyertown) Major Tyler Mears (Latrobe) 11-2
106 Jakob Campbell (Boyertow) Fall Carson Palmer (Latrobe) 1:19
113 Ethan McCoy (Latrobe) Dec David Campbell (Boyertown) 3-2
120 Luke Pletcher (Latrobe) TF Garrett Mauger (Boyertown) 23-8; 5:16
126 Lucas Miller (Boyertown) Dec Joel Cawoski (Latrobe) 9-3
132 Chris Berry (Boyertown) Dec Ethan Stas (Latrobe) 3-0
138 Jake Willochell (Latrobe) Dec Hunter Vogels (Boyertown) 6-2

Latrobe 34 North Allegheny 29
160 Dominic Scalise (Latrobe) TF Jake Woodley (North Allegheny) 17-2 4:36
170 Colton Byerly (North Allegheny) Dec Luke Shaffer (Latrobe) 7-3
182 Justin Short (Latrobe) Fall David Tallman (North Allegheny) 1:38
195 Zachary Zavatsky (Latrobe) Major Clay Byerly (North Allegheny) 17-5
220 Zach Smith (North Allegheny) Dec Travis Schmeling (Latrobe) 8-3
285 Tyler Mears (Latrobe) Fall David Probert (North Allegheny) 1:00
106 Zack Stedeford (North Allegheny) Fall Carson Palmer (Latrobe) 1:16
113 Luke Landefeld (North Allegheny) Dec Ethan McCoy (Latrobe) 7-5
120 Luke Pletcher (Latrobe) Fall Will Baierl (North Allegheny) 1:06
126 Scotty Stossel (North Allegheny) Dec Joel Cawoski (Latrobe) 9-3
132 Domenic Forys (North Allegheny) TF Ethan Stas (Latrobe) 25-10; 5:19
138 Jake Hinkson (North Allegheny) Fall Jake Willochell (Latrobe) 2:43
145 Ethan Smith (Latrobe) Dec AJ Boeh (North Allegheny) 8-3
152 Jake Shaffer (Latrobe) Major Drew Landefeld (North Allegheny) 11-1

North Allegheny (16-2) has been the Cardiac Kids squad of the tournament thus far. After scoring a 29-28 win over Cumberland Valley on Thursday, the Tigers recorded another nail-biter win over District 11 runner-up Parkland, 28-27, in a quarterfinal match-up on Friday. Thursday, it was Colt and Clay Byerly who came up big in the final two bouts to secure the win over Cumberland Valley. Friday, it was freshmen Jake Hinkson (132) and A.J. Boeh (138) who tallied victories in the final bouts of the match against Parkland to bring North Allegheny back from a late 27-22 deficit. Following the loss to Latrobe in the semifinals, North Allegheny now faces an 11:00am fourth round consolation match against the winner of Cumberland Valley and Spring Ford. If the Tigers win, they will advance to the third place consolation final.

North Allegheny 28 Parkland 27
145 Nathan Christman (Parkland) Dec Drew Landefeld (North Allegheny) 4-2
152 Josh Ortman (Parkland) Fall Blynn Shideler (North Allegheny) 3:53
160 Jake Woodley (North Allegheny) Dec Billy Hoh (Parkland) 8-1
170 Colton Byerly (North Allegheny) Dec Frank Guida (Parkland) 4-3
182 Clay Byerly (North Allegheny) Major Marques Sturdivant (Parkland) 10-0
195 Zach Smith (North Allegheny) Major Rahmeir Thompson (Parkland) 16-2
220 Nezar Haddad (Parkland) Fall David Probert (North Allegheny) 2:44
285 Omar Haddad (Parkland) Fall Mark Littlefield (North Allegheny) 1:55
106 Andrew Mastrangelo (Parkland) Dec Zack Stedeford (North Allegheny) 5-3
113 Luke Landefeld (North Allegheny) Dec Jacob Lizak (Parkland) 2-1
120 Ethan Lizak (Parkland) Major Scotty Stossel (North Allegheny) 12-0
126 Domenic Forys (North Allegheny) Major Brayson Haas (Parkland) 20-9
132 Jake Hinkson (North Allegheny) Dec Lee Todora (Parkland) 6-4
138 AJ Boeh (North Allegheny) Dec Rob Wetherhold (Parkland) 7-6


Burrell first year head coach Josh Shields said on MSA’s Inside the WPIAL Wrestling Circle this past Monday night that his team’s goal in Hershey was to place among the state’s top four teams in Class AA. The eight-time WPIAL champion Bucs (13-4) took a giant step towards that objective with two consolation bracket victories on Friday. Burrell easily outdistanced District 2 champ Western Wayne, 55-10, in an 8:00am first round consolation match. The Bucs then avenged an earlier loss this season, beating District 5 champion Chestnut Ridge, 31-26, in the second round of the consolation bracket. The Lions defeated Burrell, 31-29, on January 18th at the Brookville Ultimate Duals. The Bucs now advance to a third round consolation match Saturday at 9:00am against District 6 champion Huntingdon.

Burrell 55 Western Wayne 10
182 Alex Moses (Burrell) Fall Tanner Gillette (Western Wayne) 2:56
195 Robert Scherer (Burrell) Fall Joe Tomasetti (Western Wayne) 1:17
220 Austin Swoyer (Western Wayne) Major Corey Arabia (Burrell) 10-1
285 Allan Beattie (Burrell) Fall Dakota Swoyer (Western Wayne) 1:58
106 Dean Edwards (Burrell) Fall George Mrsich (Western Wayne) 3:20
113 Dillan Jeffery (Burrell) Major Ronald Mrsich (Western Wayne) 11-0
120 Brett Toth (Western Wayne) Dec Jason Roberts (Burrell) 5-2
126 Anthony Marra (Burrell) Dec Evan Grimm (Western Wayne) 9-4
132 John Andrejcik (Burrell) TF Marod Dobrzyn (Western Wayne) 17-1; 3:56
138 Morgan Fuller (Western Wayne) Dec Damon Greenwald (Burrell) 7-2
145 Jason David (Burrell) Fall Mike Maguire (Western Wayne) 1:28
152 Noah Hanna (Burrell) Dec Joshua Brown (Western Wayne) 3-1
160 Steven Edwards (Burrell) Fall Cory Frank (Western Wayne) 0 :32
170 Nicholas Pattock (Burrell) Major Richard Sherman (Western Wayne) 17-3

Burrell 31 Chestnut Ridge 26
220 Robert Scherer (Burrell) Dec Shane Davis (Chestnut Ridge) 4-3
285 Allan Beattie (Burrell) Dec Austin Buttry (Chestnut Ridge) 5-0
106 Aaron Burkett (Chestnut Ridge) Major Dean Edwards (Burrell) 12-0
113 Blake Dunlap (Chestnut Ridge) Dec Dillan Jeffery (Burrell) 5-1
120 Jason Roberts (Burrell) Dec Dustin Ickes (Chestnut Ridge) 3-2
126 Anthony Marra (Burrell) Dec Morgan Deremer (Chestnut Ridge) 4-0
132 John Andrejcik (Burrell) TF Sam Shank (Chestnut Ridge) 25-6; 3:33
138 Derrick Claar (Chestnut Ridge) Major Damon Greenwald (Burrell) 9-0
145 Trent Crouse (Chestnut Ridge) Fall Jason David (Burrell) 4:39
152 Corey Falleroni (Burrell) Dec Colby Hillegass (Chestnut Ridge) 5-1
160 Steven Edwards (Burrell) TF Brandyn Beaver (Chestnut Ridge) 22-7; 4:39
170 Derrick Beattie (Burrell) Fall Ben Clark (Chestnut Ridge) 2:53
182 Kyle Winegardner (Chestnut Ridge) Dec Nicholas Pattock (Burrell) 3-2
195 Conner Buttry (Chestnut Ridge) Fall Austin Scherba (Burrell) 0:13

South Fayette, the WPIAL Class AA runner-up, was eliminated from the tournament on Friday morning, falling 47-24 to District 11 runner-up Saucon Valley in a first round consolation match. South Fayette completes its dual meet season with a 20-3 mark.

Saucon Valley 47 South Fayette 24
182 Jason Lynch (Saucon Valley) Major Jack Previte (South Fayette) 15-1
195 Justin Blobe (Saucon Valley) Fall Rausaun Culberson (South Fayette) 0:55
220 Tyler Kehs (Saucon Valley) Dec Zach Walker (South Fayette) 6-1
285 Matthew Ehrirtz (Saucon Valley) Fall Jeremy Carter (South Fayette) 0:25
106 Jack Hill (Saucon Valley) Fall Andrew John (South Fayette) 2:29
113 Jasper Wolfe (South Fayette) Dec Jarred Kyra (Saucon Valley) 4-0
120 Ty Drukenmiller (Saucon Valley) Fall Kevin Chaussard (South Fayette) 1:43
126 Bret Svites (Saucon Valley) Major Scott Rzepecki (South Fayette) 12-1
132 Michael Carr (South Fayette) Major Dylan Yonney (Saucon Valley) 13-1
138 Nick Schneider (Saucon Valley) Fall Shane Ging (South Fayette) 3:18
145 Nathan Harka (Saucon Valley) Fall Ben Previte (South Fayette)  0:33
152 Brett Beltz (South Fayette) TF Blayne Hirshbeck (Saucon Valley) 17-2; 4:18
160 Grant Fetchet (South Fayette) Fall Devin Fontenez (Saucon Valley) 1:59
170 Jared Walker (South Fayette) Forfeit (Saucon Valley)

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