The Birdie thinks Jeannette will do the steamrolling in PIAA finals

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 | 11:50 AM

Last week: 1-0

Season: 72-22 (76.6 %)

Jeannette has a lot of traditions. Winning football games is one. Starting basketball late is another.

The Birdie has been around the Jayhawks long enough to know the sneakers do not start squeaking at Jeannette until late November, sometimes later, because of long runs in the football playoffs.

“The season ends a lot earlier this year due to the covid stuff,” he said. “Jeannette is our last Westmoreland team playing and will finish up a day after Thanksgiving. Basketball coaches will be happy, and so will the fans. The state final will be like dessert.

“Some of the Jayhawks will start basketball season after a slam dunk — a PIAA title.”

Despite trimmed roster numbers because of injuries and other factors, the Birdie thinks Jeannette has enough left in the tank to win a third state title.

“It won’t be easy,” the Birdie said. “Steelton is solid up front, has a stud wide receiver and runs the ball well. But the Jayhawks are a conundrum: a slim-downed team with more depth than a lot of teams in the state.”

Steelton-Highspire (10-0) vs. Jeannette (10-1)

Jeannette won’t move the ball as effectively as it did against Reynolds, but the defense will be ready to slow down the Steamrollers and create opportunities. The Jayhawks will have to get turnovers and maintain good field position to have a shot.

Jeannette, 20-14


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