WPIAL Class AA Individual Wrestling Sectional Results 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011 | 12:00 AM

The WPIAL held its individual wrestling sectionals in Class AA on Saturday to set the field for the district championships this upcoming weekend. Here are the results from all three sections with the top five wrestlers in each weight class qualifying for the 2011 WPIAL Class AA Individual Wrestling Championships this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

From Burgettstown High School:

Championship Finals:

103 Richie McGinnis, Chartiers-Houston fall Nicholas Ellefson, Blackhawk, 1:34

112 Nathan Reckner, South Side fall Seth Carr, South Fayette, 3:14

119 Tyler Rommes, Burgettstown fall Kurt Kitzman, Freedom, 2:57

125 Shane Gentry, South Side fall Andrew Vernau, Chartiers-Houston, 4:35

130 Tanner Sutton, Chartiers-Houston dec. Boe Bonzo, Freedom, 5-3

135 Connor Payne, South Side fall Blake Balsama, Chartiers-Houston, 4:31

140 David Demor, South Side fall Taylor Wentzel, South Park, 3:21

145 Michael Innes, Chartiers-Houston maj. dec. Dylan Fleming, Burgettstown, 12-4

152 Nick Carr, South Fayette dec. Montana Trombetta, Carlynton, 7-0

160 Garrett Vulcano, Chartiers-Houston maj. dec. Zeke Stroupe, Freedom, 10-2

171 Sam Guidi, Fort Cherry dec. Justin Martz, South Side, 8-2

189 Darren Reed, Burgettstown fall Jeremy Anesetti, Chartiers-Houston, 3:03

215 Greg Kumer, Fort Cherry fall Alex Daugherty, Central Valley, 4:46

285 Corey Garry, Fort Cherry dec. Nate Grandelis, Chartiers-Houston, 3-0

Third Place Consolations:

103 Kevin Chassaurd, South Fayette dec. Logan Ellek, Fort Cherry, 1-0

112 Jake Jones, Chartiers-Houston maj. dec. Shane King, Laurel, 10-2

119 Jaylin Lewis, South Fayette dec. Peter Ellefson, Blackhawk, 8-3

125 Pat Kaczka, South Park fall Benton Palermo, Beaver Area, 3:21

130 Grant Fetchet, South Fayette fall Zach Morris, Fort Cherry, 0:44

135 Jeff Sayer, Burgettstown maj. dec. Seve Rodriguez, Carlynton, 16-6

140 Tommy Orenbaun, Chartiers-Houston tech. fall Heath Nye, Freedom, 1:51 15-0

145 Michael Fetchet, South Fayette dec. Troy Braddock, Blackhawk, 6-1

152 Steven Hazlett, Chartiers-Houston dec. Ron Warren, South Park, 7-3

160 Brian Haney, South Fayette fall Chris Reed, Central Valley, 1:30

171 Joey Congie, Chartiers-Houston dec. Jake Hatcher, Carlynton, 5-4 OT RO

189 Tom Smith, Beaver Area fall Tyler Cousins, Freedom, 2:02

215 Roger Vigliotti, Burgettstown dec. Ethan Winkle, South Side, 7-2

285 Nik Sappi, Carlynton fall Tyler Chabalie, South Fayette, 1:50

Fifth Place Consolations:

103 John Dennis, Burgettstown maj. dec. Chris Flynn, South Side, 13-3

112 Matt Pavlick, Freedom dec. Jake Braddock, Blackhawk, 8-7

119 Tim Weissen, South Side bye

125 Ryan Abbott, Burgettstown dec. William Hughes, Laurel, 9-6

130 David Dedola, Carlynton fall Dylan McHaffie, South Side, 1:24

135 Lane Ward, Freedom fall Alex Nine, Central Valley, 3:51

140 Jack Haney, Central Valley dec. Harley Peterson, Laurel, 7-5

145 Tyler Weyers, Fort Cherry dec. Scott Warren, South Park, 4-3

152 Aiden Talerico, Beaver Area fall Brad Roberts, Burgettstown, 3:22

160 Freddie McKissick, Carlynton dec. Eric Schneider, Burgettstown, 1-0

171 Scott Merkle, Freedom fall Gregg Tomshay, South Park, 1:26

189 Tanner Palmer, Central Valley fall Raymond Robinson, Laurel, 1:50

215 Andrew Ward, Freedom bye

285 Ryan Ott, Central Valley bye

From Charleroi High School:

Championship Finals:

103 John Demaske, Jefferson-Morgan dec. Zach Swarrow, Beth-Center, 4-2

112 Nick Hough, Mount Pleasant maj. dec. Jason Miller, Jefferson-Morgan, 11-0

119 James Gulibon, Derry tech. fall Vince Vahaly, Bentworth, 19-3 4:18

125 Sean LaVella, Jeannette dec. Aaron Toth, Charleroi, 6-2

130 George Rogers, Wash High dec. Shane Black, Jefferson-Morgan, 3-1

135 Michael DePalma, Jeannette maj. dec. Josh Kwasny, Charleroi, 20-9

140 Travis Shaffer, Derry tech. fall Jacob Durbin, West Greene, 16-0 1:30

145 Francis Mizia, Bentworth tech. fall Matt Johnston, West Greene, 15-0 1:26

152 Ian Thom, Jeannette dec. Wade Durbin, West Greene, 9-3

160 Cody Wiercioch, Charleroi tech. fall Dylan Demain, Bentworth, 16-0 3:44

171 August Mizia, Bentworth dec. Dustin Conti, Jefferson-Morgan, 6-0

189 Jordan Kitta, Southmoreland dec. Joe Phillips, Jefferson-Morgan, 2-1

215 Anthony Deni, Jeannette dec. Jake Temple, Avella, 2-1 TB

285 Jeff Tarley, Beth-Center fall Brian Rush, Jefferson-Morgan, 3:16

Third Place Consolations:

103 Teddy Charletta, Yough dec. Jake Rothka, Bentworth, 4-2 UTB

112 Derek Walter, Southmoreland dec. Matt Vickless, Bentworth, 7-2

119 Nick Gavazzi, Charleroi dec. Ryan Zalar, Jefferson-Morgan, 2-0

125 Andrew Agnew, Jefferson-Morgan fall Cody Whipkey, West Greene, 2:15

130 Brian Gordon, Avella bye

135 Cody Weinell, Derry dec. Erik Bolin, Beth-Center, 2-0

140 Nick Kloos, Mount Pleasant dec. Nick Smydo, Bentworth, 9-2

145 Bobby Long, Mount Pleasant dec. Matt Riggle, Beth-Center, 2-1

152 Eric Myers, Southmoreland dec. Colton Westerbeck, Derry, 5-0

160 Dylan Novak, Mount Pleasant fall Quincy Hathaway, Jefferson-Morgan, 2:27

171 Jared Magon, Avella dec. Tommy Thorpe, Charleroi, 2-0

189 Kyle Wood, Mount Pleasant dec. Cody Jacobs, West Greene, 4-2

215 Tyler Perkins, Jefferson-Morgan dec. Zach Holmes, Beth-Center, 3-1 OT

285 Eric Bush, Yough dec. Adam Beich, Derry 5-3

Fifth Place Consolations:

103 Marshall Whery, Derry bye

112 Derek Baker, Derry fall Robert Nuttall, Yough, 4:13

119 Andy Yoder, Mount Pleasant fall Wade Blackmon, West Greene, 0:40

125 Daton Evans, Bentworth fall JD Riley, Wash High, 2:54

130 bye, bye

135 Sam Lapcevic, Bentworth dec. Michael Anderson, Yough, 4-2

140 Zach Nedley, Jeannette maj. dec. Dalton Fonner, Wash High, 12-1

145 Michael Glasgow, Jeannette dec. Logan Decker, Jefferson-Morgan, 6-2

152 Cole Murtha, Mount Pleasant fall Cameron Toliver, Wash High, 4:19

160 Ben Vranish, Yough fall Brent Sink, West Greene, 2:01

171 Dakota Datz, Southmoreland fall Greg Sleith, Yough, 3:42

189 Brad Orazio, Derry fall Gary Fallecker, Yough, 3:34

215 Justin Overly, Mount Pleasant fall Dan Barkhamer, Derry, 2:53

285 James Baughman, Wash High dec. Jack Keslar, Mount Pleasant, 3-1

From Shady Side Acadey:

Championship Finals:

103 Jason Nolf, Kittanning dec. Russ Losteter, South Allegheny, 8-2

112 Zack Kelly, Burrell tech. fall Nolan Wise, Shady Side Academy, 3:55 17-1

119 Philip Elias, Shady Side Academy dec. Nick Zanetta, Keystone Oaks, 3-1

125 Geoffrey Alexander, Shady Side Academy fall Brandon Texiera, Valley, 1:07

130 Dave Makara, Burrell dec. Anthony Elias, Shady Side Academy, 3-1

135 Jeremy Landowski, Burrell fall Zack Wasko, Avonworth, 0:49

140 Cole Harkins, Burrell dec. Matt Drabick, Keystone Oaks, 8-3

145 John Bass, Highlands dec. Kenny McGinnis, Valley, 5-2

152 Mike Pavasko, Steel Valley fall James Jackson, Valley, 1:42

160 Travis McKillop, Burrell fall Zac Croyle, Kittanning, 0:29

171 Dakota DesLauriers, Burrell dec. Michael Kazalas, Keystone Oaks, 4-2 OT

189 Jay Taylor, Burrell dec. Alex Diven, Keystone Oaks, 14-7

215 Brian Beattie, Burrell fall Wes Schmidt, Kittanning, 1:22

285 Kyre Strickland, Valley dec. Andre Ellis, Steel Valley, 6-2

Third Place Consolations:

103 Patrick Dewitt, Valley fall Megan Moroney, Riverview, 3:45

112 Derek Bowser, Kittanning dec. Josiah Hughes, Valley, 7-5 OT

119 JR Andrecjik, Burrell fall Kendric Moore, Highlands, 3:05

125 Stephen Stapp, Kittanning fall Logan Ausman, Keystone Oaks, 0:38

130 Brent Ingram, Kittanning dec. Drew Trybus, Keystone Oaks, 9-6

135 Cody Pringle, Highlands dec. Tyler Minarchin, South Allegheny, 1-0

140 Jarek Dudek, Kittanning fall Marcus Davenport, Valley, 0:58

145 Taylor Jack, Kittanning dec. Zack Collins, Keystone Oaks, 7-4

152 Corey Kremer, Highlands fall Nathan Watt, Kittanning, 4:42

160 Terrell Fields, Valley dec. Marcus Bachman, Highlands, 5-2

171 Ryan Scisciani, Highlands fall Rick James, South Allegheny, 2:59

189 Zane King, Elderton fall Allan Cratsenberg, Highlands, 4:37

215 Trevon White, Summit Academy fall Nick Delmonaco, Riverview, 0:58

285 Max Rosen, Shady Side Academy fall JT Naviglia, Burrell, 2:25

Fifth Place Consolations:

103 Terry Booth, Steel Valley bye

112 Austin Natskakula, Highlands fall Kodi Lundberg, South Allegheny, 3:58

119 Evan Scott, Riverview dec. Michael Whaby, South Allegheny, 3-0

125 Steven Edwards, Burrell fall Angel Ramirez, Summit Academy, 4:48

130 Lamar Lapota, Valley forfeit Ryan Wissinger, Steel Valley

135 Josh Large, Valley dec. Colton Lorenz, Keystone Oaks, 7-0

140 Angel Santiago, Summit Academy fall Dylan Younkins, Steel Valley, 1:56

145 Nick Camponizzi, South Allegheny dec. Nathan DeCenzo, Summit, 5-1

152 Jared Hollibaugh, Elderton fall Marcus Moroney, Riverview, 2:28

160 Austin Roncher, Elderton dec. Jeff Houston, Riverview, 5-3

171 Joshua Churchin, North Catholic fall Parkes Knepshield, Kittanning, 4:49

189 Levi Grafton, Kittanning fall Anthony Pergantis, South Allegheny, 4:29

215 John Lemon, Valley forfeit Jake Maiette, Keystone Oaks

285 Andrew McGuire, Summit Academy bye

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