If PIAA playoffs resume, these WPIAL stars can look forward to Roundball Classic

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 | 8:49 PM

If the suspended PIAA basketball playoffs resume, the season won’t end after all the hardware is handed out in Hershey.

A Western Pennsylvania all-star tradition will follow.

The Roundball Classic is set for April 24-25 at Geneva College with senior all-stars from the WPIAL, City League and District 10 facing off in a seven-game event.

Roundball Classic organizers plan to follow the PIAA’s lead when deciding whether the games should be played. A postponement until late May or June is a possibility.

If the games are played, the main event is scheduled to feature a matchup of WPIAL stars who will take their talents to the state of Indiana next season.

Butler’s Ethan Morton, a Purdue recruit, will lead the WPIAL Class 6A all-stars against a Class 5A team led by Mars’ Michael Carmody, a Notre Dame football recruit.

The game will feature a matchup of WPIAL champion coaches as well, with Butler’s Matt Clement leading the 6A squad and Laurel Highlands’ Rick Hauger coaching the 5A team.

The marquee girls game will pit stars from the WPIAL Class 6A and City League against a team from WPIAL Class 5A and District 10. Chartiers Valley’s Tim McConnell will coach his daughter Megan McConnell, a Duquesne recruit, presumably for the last time.

Here are the rosters for the Roundball Classic.

Friday, April 24

Boys East vs. West, 6 p.m.


Coach: Bob Harrison, South Side

Jayden Bristol, 5-10, Guard, Serra Catholic

Seth Dunn, 5-10, Guard, Chartiers Houston

Kyere Hainesworth, 5-11, Guard, Woodland Hills

R.J. Stevenson, 6-0, Guard, Gateway

Isaac McNeil, 6-0, Guard, Thomas Jefferson

Raeshon Robertson, 6-1, Forward, Woodland Hills

Chris White, 6-1, Guard, Shaler

Noah Pierce, 6-1, Guard, Thomas Jefferson

Joe Craska, 6-1, Guard, Mars

Logan Young, 6-2, Guard, Moon

Sean Banas, 6-2, Forward, Chartiers Valley

Branden Barber, 6-3, Guard, South Side

James Condon, 6-3, Forward, Beaver County Christian

Dylan King, 6-4, Forward, Trinity

Dylan Poirier, 6-5, Forward, Burgettstown

Shamar McCoy, 6-6, Forward, Greensburg Salem

Johnny O’Toole, 6-7, Forward, Franklin Regional


Coach: Jeff Griffith, Freedom

Vince Fuleno, 5-8, Guard, Union

Enzo Fetsko, 5-8, Guard, Cornell

Noah Gray, 5-9, Guard, Western Beaver

Nate Cullo, 5-9, Guard, Vincentian Academy

Cole Kendall, 5-10, Guard, Geibel Catholic

Tyler Mohrbacher, 5-11, Guard, Freedom

Jacob Verner, 6-0, Guard, Seton LaSalle

Hans Rottman, 6-0, Guard, North Catholic

Gabe Vangura, 6-0, Guard, Aquinas Academy

Thomas Medure, 6-0, Guard, Eden Christian

Andrew Bower, 6-1, Guard, Beth-Center

Jonathan Bates, 6-2, Forward, Aquinas Academy

Ben Jackson, 6-2, Forward, West Greene

C.J. Cole, 6-4, Forward, McGuffey

Jake Tomer, 6-5, Forward, North Catholic

Sayvon Knight, 6-6, Forward, Propel Andrew Street

Kevin Kolesar, 6-6, Forward, Riverside

Boys North vs. South, 7:30 p.m.


Coach: Brooks Roorback, Blackhawk

Marco Borello, 5-10, Guard, Blackhawk

Eric Campalong, 6-0, Guard, Ambridge

Johnnie Bryant, 6-0, Guard, Lincoln Park

Isiah Bauman, 6-0, Guard – Freeport

Aiden Bushey, 6-0, Guard, Derry

Cameron Nusser, 6-0, Guard, Belle Vernon

Korry Myers, 6-1, Guard, Highlands

Isaiah Carter, 6-1, Guard, New Castle

Jared Schrecongost, 6-2, Guard, Knoch

Lucas Garber, 6-2, Guard, Waynesburg

James Darno, 6-3, Guard, Blackhawk

Jake Johnson, 6-3, Guard, Mt. Pleasant

Luke Wyvrait, 6-4, Forward, Ringgold

Jon Weir, 6-5, Forward, Quaker Valley

Robbie Liggett, 6-6, Forward, Lincoln Park


Coach: Ryan Hughes, Sto Rox

Zach Andreykovich, 5-8, Guard, North Allegheny

Ben Brooks, 5-10, Guard – Northgate

Jamil Williams, 6-0, Guard, Sto Rox

Colin O’Toole, 6-0, Guard, Central Catholic

Jamal Williams, 6-0, Guard, Sto Rox

Sam Brown, 6-1, Guard, Fox Chapel

Wil Drexler, 6-2, Guard, Sto Rox

Anthony Chiccitt, 6-2, Guard, Bethel Park

Kade Musgrove, 6-2, Forward, Connellsville

Will Livingston, 6-3, Guard, Fox Chapel

Luke Patten, 6-4, Guard, Butler

Patrick Shanahan, 6-4, Forward, Pine Richland

Sam Petrarca, 6-4, Guard, Peters Township

Mason Montag, 6-4, Forward, Butler

Marcus McCarthy, 6-5, Forward, Hempfield

Grant Timmerson, 6-5, Forward, North Allegheny

Boys Class 2A/3A vs. Class 4A, 9 p.m.

Class 2A/3A

Coach: Dave DeGregorio, North Catholic

Isaac DeGregorio, 5-11, Guard, North Catholic

Preston Turk, 5-11, Guard, Neshannock

C.J. Ziegler, 5-11, Guard, Brentwood

Colin McQuiston, 6-0, Guard, Shenango

Isaiah Smith, 6-0, Guard, Lincoln Park

Michael Bigley, 6-0, Guard, Seton LaSalle

Jackson Pruitt, 6-2, Guard, Jeannette

Malik Smith, 6-2, Guard, Sto Rox

Camden Polak, 6-2, Guard, Steel Valley

Frank Stumpo, 6-2, Guard, Keystone Oaks

Riley Comforti, 6-3, Guard, Southmoreland

Jackson Paschall, 6-3, Guard, North Catholic

Malik Ramsey, 6-4, Guard, California

Andre Wilder, 6-4, Forward, Lincoln Park

Zuriah Fisher, 6-4, Forward, Aliquippa

Tanner Mathos, 6-8, Forward, Lincoln Park

Class 4A

Coach: Tyler Stoczynski, Highlands

Billy DeShields, 5-11, Guard, Uniontown

Chris Peccon, 6-0, Guard, Ringgold

K.C. Johns, 6-1, Guard, Quaker Valley

Luke Cochran, 6-1, Guard, Highlands

Jahmere Richardson, 6-1, Guard, Uniontown

Ryan Heckathorn, 6-3, Forward, Blackhawk

Mitch Pohlot, 6-3, Forward, Belle Vernon

Beckett Connelly, 6-3, Guard, Beaver

Scott Fraser, 6-4, Forward, Knoch

Isaiah Warfield, 6-5, Guard, Central Valley

Jake Scheidt, 6-5, Guard, Knoch

Isaiah Thomas, 6-6, G/F, Ambridge

Johnny Crise, 6-6, Forward, Highlands

Liam Buck, 6-6, Forward, Ambridge

Saturday, April 25

Girls Class 4A/A vs. Class 3A/2A, 2 p.m.

Girls Class 4A/A

Coach: C.J. Iannini, Rochester

Mackenzie Amalia, 5-6, Guard, Blackhawk

Gia Scala, 5-6, Guard, Greensburg Central Catholic

Harley Holloway, 5-6, Guard, Freeport

Christiane Frye, 5-7, Guard, Central Valley

Raquel Rivera, 5-7, Guard, New Castle

Sydney Cook, 5-8, Guard, New Brighton

Qitarah Hardison, 5-8, G/F, Monessen

Jhayla Bray, 5-8, Guard, McKeesport

Sierra Richard, 5-8, Guard, Blackhawk

Tess Myers, 5-10, G/F, Hopewell

Sidney Shemanski, 5-10, G/F, Freeport

Siara Conley, 5-10, Forward, Hopewell

Alana Winkler, 5-10, Forward, Vincentian Academy

Jasmine Mack, 5-10, Forward, Rochester

Allison Kirby, 6-1, Forward, Central Valley

Kylee Lewandowski, 6-1, Forward, North Catholic

Class 3A/2A

Coach: Mike O’Lare, Mohawk

Ellina DeLillo, 5-4, Guard, Neshannock

Sydney Payne, 5-4, Guard, South Side

Ashley Hamilton, 5-4, Guard, OLSH

Diajha Allen, 5-6, Guard, Bishop Canevin

Olivia Greco-Madigan, 5-5 Guard, Beth-Center

Faith Gibson, 5-6, Guard, Laurel

Jada Bass, 5-7, Guard, Jeannette

Marley Wolf, 5-7, Guard, Riverside

Alyssa Pollice, 5-9, Guard, Bishop Canevin

Jada Lee, 5-9, Guard, Carlynton

Karly McCutcheon, 5-9, Guard, Mohawk

Rayna Andrews, 5-10, Forward, Serra Catholic

Sierra Twigg, 5-10, Forward, Frazier

Amaia Johnson, 5-9, Guard, East Allegheny

Angelicah Diallo, 5-10, G/Forward, Carlynton

Katherine Goetz, 5-11, Forward, Avonworth

Avonna Henry, 5-11, Forward, Aliquippa

Girls Class 6A/City League vs. Class 5A/District 10, 4 p.m.

Class 6A/City League

Coach: Ellen Guillard, Allderdice

Emma Waite, 5-2, Guard, Allderdice

Jayla Wehner, 5-5, Guard, Norwin

Emily Cavacini, 5-7, Guard, Shaler

Brooklyn Jones, 5-7, Guard, Allderdice

Lauren Mullen, 5-7, Guard, Bethel Park

Patrice Smith, 5-7, Guard, Mt. Lebanon

Olivia Gribble, 5-8, Guard, Norwin

Sarah Liberatore, 5-10, Guard, Hempfield

Jordan Kaufman, 5-10, G/F, Butler

Maddie Dzieigowski, 5-11, G/F, Bethel Park

Katerina Balouris, 5-11, Forward, North Allegheny

Madelyn Karchut, 5-11, Forward, Seneca Valley

Dajanae Glover, 6-0, Forward, Westinghouse

Julia Mangapone, 6-1, Forward, Portersville Christian

Jenna Lutz, 6-1, Forward, Baldwin

Sara Aumer, 6-4, Forward, Connellsville

Class 5A/District 10

Coach: Tim McConnell, Chartiers Valley

Taylor Smith, 5-7, Guard, Lincoln Park

Kyra Crosby, 5-7, Guard, Farrell

Megan McConnell, 5-7, Guard, Chartiers Valley

Riley Arrigo, 5-7, Guard, Lincoln Park

Jaylen Callipare, 5-8, Forward, Armstrong

Emily Thompson, 5-9, Forward, Mercyhurst

Riley DeRubbo, 5-9, Forward, Trinity

Alyssa DeAngelo, 5-10, Forward, Thomas Jefferson

Bella Long, 5-11, G/F, Penn-Trafford

Delaney Ranallo, 5-11, Forward, Thomas Jefferson

Joi Burleigh, 6-0, Forward, Woodland Hills

Bella Pelaia, 6-0, G/F, Mars

Mya Murray, 6-2, Forward, Uniontown

Makennah White, 6-2, Forward, West Middlesex

Lexi Jackson, 6-3, Forward, Gateway

Boys Class A/City League/Prep schools vs. District 10, 6 p.m.

Class A/City League/Prep schools

Coach: Tim Tyree, Vincentian Academy

Cheron Collington, 5-11, Guard, Brashear

Isaiah Wilson, 6-0, Guard, First Love Academy

Zaier Harrison, 6-0, Guard, Cornell

Caleb Burke, 6-0, Guard, Richland

Kaden Divito, 6-0, Guard, Cornell

Rob Jones, 6-1, Guard, Allderdice

Isaiah Langston, 6-2, Guard, Cornell

Jett Roesing, 6-3, Guard, First Love Academy

Stephen Watson, 6-3, Guard, Kiski School

Will Taylor, 6-3, Guard, Nazareth Prep

Blake Haber, 6-3, Forward, Allderdice

Xavier Lyons, 6-4, G/F, Kiski School

Antonio Henderson, 6-4, Forward, Allderdice

D.J. Gordon, 6-5, Guard, First Love Academy

Sean Snead, 6-5, G/Forward, Obama Academy

Ethan Embleton, 6-6, Forward, Vincentian Academy

District 10

Coach, Chris Mele, Hickory

Donald Whitehead, 5-8, Guard, Hickory

Mike Calloway, 5-11, Guard, Sharon

Braden Frye, 6-0, Guard, Sharpsville

Danny Timko, 6-0, Guard, Grove City

Gabe Mild, 6-0, Guard, West Middlesex

Kade Persinger, 6-0, Guard, Grove City

Dee Lebrikas, 6-1, Guard, Erie First Christian

Brett Beith, 6-2, Guard, Lakeview

Eric Hopson, 6-3, G/F, Farrell

Mer’Quan Peterson, 6-3, Forward, Sharon

Jaylen Jarvie, 6-4, G/F, Hickory

Ike Herster, 6-5, Guard, Kennedy Catholic

Jaden Jefferson, 6-6, Guard, Erie McDowell

Isaiah Jarzab, 6-6, Forward, Hickory

William Jeffress, 6-7, G/Forward, Erie McDowell

Boys Class 5A vs. Class 6A, 8 p.m.

Class 5A

Coach: Rick Hauger, Laurel Highlands

Jared Goldstrom, 5-9, Guard, Chartiers Valley

Kyree Hairston-Mitchell, 5-10, Guard, Penn Hills

Tim Smith, 5-11, Guard, Laurel Highlands

Connor Mislan, 5-11, Guard, South Fayette

Michael Koroly, 6-0, Guard, Trinity

Dante Parsons, 6-0, Guard, Greensburg Salem

Jackson Faulk, 6-1, Guard, West Allegheny

Shane Stump, 6-2, Guard, Thomas Jefferson

Mekhi Reynolds, 6-3, Guard, Shaler

Ryan Thomas, 6-3, Forward, Greensburg Salem

James Eubanks, 6-4, Forward – Montour

Logan Summerhill, 6-4, Forward, Franklin Regional

Tyvaughn Long, 6-4, Forward, Laurel Highlands

Michael Carmody, 6-6, Forward, Mars

Ben Ringeisen, 6-6, Forward, Hampton

Deamonte Diggs, 6-7, Forward, McKeesport

Class 6A

Coach: Matt Clement, Butler

Blaine Gartley, 5-10, Guard, Mt. Lebanon

Ryan Meis, 6-1, Guard, Bethel Park

Logan Murray, 6-1, Guard, Pine Richland

Zach Rocco, 6-2, Guard, Penn-Trafford

Kyle Polce, 6-2, Guard, Pine Richland

Logan Marshaler, 6-2, Guard, North Hills

Jake Hoffman, 6-3, Guard, Mt. Lebanon

Arnold Vento, 6-3, Guard, Fox Chapel

Tommy DiRenzo, 6-4, Guard, Bethel Park

Levi Wentz, 6-4, G/F, Pine Richland

Andrew Casey, 6-4, G/F, Upper St. Clair

Mason Bush, 6-4, Forward, Seneca Valley

Ethan Morton, 6-5, Guard, Butler

Ben Sarsen, 6-6, Forward, Central Catholic

Colin Cote, 6-6, G/F, Peters Township

Michael Noonan, 6-7, Forward, Latrobe

Jonathan Bombulie is the TribLive assistant sports editor. A Greensburg native, he was a hockey reporter for two decades, covering the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins for 17 seasons before joining the Trib in 2015 and covering the Penguins for four seasons, including Stanley Cup championships in 2016-17. He can be reached at jbombulie@triblive.com.

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