Brentwood athletics ‘200 Club’ fundraiser draws near

Sunday, February 4, 2018 | 5:42 PM

The Brentwood High Athletic Boosters sponsor various fundraisers, including the selling of booster memberships and game-day football programs, 50/50s, and merchandise and concession stand sales.

But the biggie is the 200 Club event, which is in its 14th year of existence.

It annually is the boosters' largest fundraiser.

“The name ‘200 Club' came from the boosters' board that originally came up with this concept,” said Bob Bauer, president of the Brentwood High Athletic Boosters. “Each person at the event is given a number from 1 to 200. During the night, we draw numbers out of a bingo roller and eliminate people/numbers until we get to five remaining numbers. Along the way, we give away various prizes, such as money, bottles of wine and a free membership to next year's event.

“When the last five people are remaining, we have a ‘champagne celebration.' This is basically a celebration of the five numbers/people whose ball has not been picked. At that time, we give them a slip of paper and they must secretly vote to decide if they would like to split the pot of $3,000 or go on. If they all vote to split, the remaining people will split the $3,000. If one of the five would like go on and not split the money, all five balls go back into the bingo roller and we then select another number, and one of the five remaining people is eliminated. Then if four people remain, we ask them once again if they would like to split the pot or go on. If the four remaining people decide to split, they split the $3,000. If one person wants to continue all four remaining numbers go into the bingo roller and we draw another number and another person is eliminated. This goes on until everyone decides to either split the pot or there is one remaining winner.”

This year's 200 Club event — with a theme of “Join us at the Oscars” — will be from 6:30-11:30 p.m. on March 3 at Cool Springs Sports Complex.

It will feature dinner, an open bar, dancing, Chinese auction prizes, a wheelbarrow of cheer and more.

The cost is $200 per couple or $150 for a single person.

“All the proceeds from this event, and other fundraisers throughout the year, support the purchasing of equipment, camps and programs for all of our student-athletes,” Bauer said.

Bauer is part of a dedicated 200 Club planning committee, along with Jessica Nulph, Jen Travis, Jennifer George, Cindy Bauer, Rachael Thomas, Brenda Pavlik and Kelly Powell.

“I help out and provide input,” Bob Bauer said. “But those (others) are the folks who do everything from reviewing the location, selecting a theme and menu and decorations.”

Brentwood High Athletic Boosters officers are Bob Bauer, Travis (vice-president), George (treasurer) and Denise Wells (secretary).

For questions, more information, or to register for the 200 Club event, contact Cindy Bauer at 412-885-0441 or Nulph at 724-664-4907.

Ray Fisher is a freelance writer.


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